A high-grade Quantum Project and Money Rebel partnership

Quantum Project as the leader in crypto market making announced a partnership with an all-in-one mobile banking and financial services platform provider Money Rebel.

Money rebel is a FinTech start-up with a team of wealth management, financial coaching, and banking professionals, who partnered with a group of highly skilled tech individuals and crypto specialist to make managing money tasks completely trivial. Questions like “How much is my net worth?”, “What is my portfolio value?”, or “How can I buy stocks with bitcoins quickly?” are becoming things of the past.

The MR Platform will help users get a quick and high-quality answer – for all financial investments in one place. And they will also have access to top financial advisers, banking and payment services – with crypto or fiat money, whatever they need for a specific occasion!

Check more on https://moneyrebel.io

Quantum will help the Money Rebel project/application in the crypto adoption process. Quantum as a market maker will be a market participant who commits to buying and selling of QAU and MRP, or any other crypto currency or digital asset, at a specified price, at all times. Quantum’s role is to create a fair, orderly and functional market.

Quantum will compete with other market makers for order flow and, in the process, create a more liquid market. This will help Money Rebel to provide quicker buy/sell pairs to their customers when they set to invest in crypto assets.

Official handshake between Quantum Project (Nejc Bukovec, right) and Money Rebel (Mitja Vezovišek, left)